Ticket Machu Picchu
To buy your entrance tickets on a secure and easy way

Purchase of entrance tickets (step 1/5)

Purchase process

In order to purchase entrance tickets, you will need to enter several information, in 4 steps. Take your time to enter all the information and don't hesitate to go back (selecting the corresponding tab) to verify and/or modify the information already entered.

Requiered Information

In a 4-step process, we will ask for several information in each tab. This information is mandatory to make the purchase.

Tickets are not issued automatically, they are processed by priority. It is a manual process that takes some time. Moreover, by new ministerial resolution tickets for visits from July 1st can only be issued from June 1st.

We remind you that there is a time and spaces restriction to purchase. You can only purchase if there are at least 70 spaces left and in 12 days from now, that is starting on August 29.


Number of persons:
(Total of people starting at 8 years of age)