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Conditions of the services

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The present conditions of purchase apply to the services proposed on this Site. Our Agency as well as the visitor commit to respect them if he/she chooses our services. It is entirely up to the visitor to read, understand and accept these conditions and every on-line purchase implies the acceptance of the present conditions. Our Agency shall not be considered responsible if the visitor ignores or misinterpret our conditions. These conditions may vary without prior notice.


All prices are expressed in a specific currency chosen by the customer from a list that can be modified and they are subject to change without prior notice. They can also be expressed in other currencies for information only. In this case, the amount indicated is only an estimation based on an average and rounded up exchange rate. The only valid prices are those indicated in the currency of payment.

After payment, prices are not subject to any change even if exchange rates or prices change between the date of purchase and the date of the visit on the ticket.

Changes after purchasing

When purchasing entrance tickets for the current or the next season, the visitor gives several information such as the date of the visit, his name, etc. After the payment of the on-line purchase, no information can be changed, without any exception. The type of ticket, the options and the date cannot be changed neither.

Required documents, discounts and written proofs

For every purchase, the Peruvian Government requires that every visitor communicates his/her full name and passport number or a National Identity Document (one or the other called below document) for Peruvians or for people from countries on the border areas which have an agreement with Peru (DNI). No other document is accepted because it would be rejected by the authorities. The same document is required at the entrance of Machu Picchu to avoid identity theft. The visitor is committed to bring his/her document the day of the visit and to make sure it matches the one used during the purchase. In order to avoid any problem, we ask visitors to make a copy of the document used to reserve and to keep it until the day of the visit.

These measures are taken by the Peruvian Government and in case of infringement of points indicated above and/or if he/she is denied the access to Machu Picchu or to the optional sites, the visitor cannot pretend to get any refund.

Some discounts on this site are based on those offered by the Peruvian Government. In practice, it appears that very often the Government does not accept the reductions and/or the written proofs. As a result, we reserve the right to apply certain discounts without prior notice. For example, in 1 year the Government has changed its terms of discount 7 times; which in practice proves impossible to manage for agencies both humanely and technically.

Cancelations and Refunds

Tickets cancelation is subject to some conditions and might be accompanied by a partial or total refund. In case of cancelation from the visitor, there will be no exception made to refund conditions. For whatever reason, all cancelation requests will be treated under the same conditions. If the cancelation is requested by the client, it must be done from our website using the proper forms. No cancelations will be accepted by other means. Hereafter the conditions:

Unavailability after purchasing

Since July 15, 2011, the Peruvian Government has limited the access to Machu Picchu and to the optional sites (Wayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain and Museum). In consequence, the purchase of tickets is made depending on available spaces at the moment of purchasing them at the Ministry of Culture Cusco. After the visitor purchases and pays the corresponding amount, our Agency will make as soon as possible the real purchase at the Ministry of Culture Cusco. If for any reason due to our staff or to a third party the real reservation cannot be made on time and there are no more available spaces, we will send immediately an email to the visitor proposing:

There is an exception to this point: if when we issue the ticket for a specific time and this hour is sold out, we give us a tolerance of 60 minutes before of after the hour purchased for the entrance of the ticket. For example if the customer buy for 10am and there are spaces only for 11am, so we will issue the tickets for 11am. In fact, we know by experience that it's not a problem and the customer can enter before the time indicated in the ticket.

Impossibility to purchase

During the online purchase, the visitor must give complete and real information in order to let us purchase the corresponding entrance tickets. If, after the payment, this information prevents us from purchasing the tickets, we will try to solve the problem with the client. If, despite all the efforts, it is impossible to make the purchase, we will make a full refund minus 20% of the amount paid, penalty for banking and administrative fees. For example if the client gave us an incorrect passport number and he never gave us the correct one; or if he wrongly benefit by from a special rate and refuses to pay the difference.

These same penalty conditions will apply if the visitor purchases a ticket by mistake. We can mention for example a double purchase (the same person for the same date), a change of mind after purchasing, etc. Even if our system has several security measures to avoid double purchases, it is not infallible and only the visitor will be considered responsible for a mistake when purchasing. Refund conditions are the same as above: a refund of 80% of the amount paid, which means a 20% penalty for administrative and banking fees.

Refund methods

All payments are made online by credit card. In case of refund according to the conditions indicated above, we will deposit the amount directly to the account of the same credit card.

Payment methods

Unless a special agreement in writing, all purchases made through this Site must be paid in full and in advance by credit card. Because the Machu Picchu and the optional sites are highly visited, it is not possible to make the payment by other means than the online electronic payment. Our system accepts the credit cards indicated when paying and they are the only accepted cards. Personal checks, phone orders, wire transfers and any other payment method are not accepted.

Characteristics of the tickets

Entrance tickets purchased through this Site are electronic virtual tickets and they are only valid to enter Machu Picchu only or with the selected optional sites.

The visitor will be able to print his/her tickets directly through our Site as soon as they are available. We cannot guarantee any deadline because the final purchase of your tickets depend on several parameters: holidays, opening hours, availability, etc. That is why the period could vary from 1 to 20 days, depending of the priority.

Since they are tickets in a digital format, you must print them. Tickets will not be delivered or shipped under any circumstances. Our agency will not be held responsible for the quality of the printing of the tickets (bad quality of the paper or ink, unreadable document, etc.). The visitor must print the tickets in a good quality and must keep them in good condition until they are used.

Special offers

Sometimes we can publish special offers, such as special prices for fixed dates or discounts under certain circumstances. These special offers are specific. Their conditions are stated on our sites, they are not cumulative and they are not retroactive. If, for example, we offer a special price for some day, the client cannot benefit from it or ask for a refund if the special offer was launched after he/she purchased the ticket.


If the customer considers necessary to make a complaint about our services once they are finished, he/she will be able to do so during a 90-day period beginning the day of the end of our services. Only our agency will be able to accept the legitimacy of the complaint and possibly find a solution directly with the client. After this 90-day period, no complaints of any nature will be accepted.

Prices stated on this Site have an extra cost in comparison to the same ticket sold directly by the Peruvian Government and it is clearly published. As an Agency and because public prices are commissionable, our prices have an extra charge which includes all taxes, on-line credit card payment fees, our working fees, our margin as merchants, etc. It is up to the client to decide whether to purchase or not the tickets through our Site at the indicated price.

We don't have a "If you find lower prices, we refund the difference" policy. Under no circumstances the client may ask for a partial or total refund under the pretext of having paid more than another visitor or having seen it cheaper elsewhere. Our prices are clearly published on our pages and it is up to the visitor to judge them and compare them before purchasing. The act of purchasing tickets with our published prices leads to their acceptance. To summarize, no complaint about our prices can be made.


For the purchase of entrance tickets to Machu Picchu only or with the optional sites, we act on behalf of and with the authorization of our clients. We can thus not assume any responsibility in case of accident, losses, delays or obstacles to the visit for reasons of acts of God or other acts that do not involve our responsibility, especially regarding the use of tickets purchased through our Site.